Paper is an interesting material; it exists in our society in many different forms, and is one of the most widely recycled items. But can it be reused before it is recycled? It is not often used as the main structural component of furniture because of its delicate composition, but what it does have is excellent tensile strength and a large surface area. This chair utilises these two benefits to create a seat that requires no glue, and can be made out of any magazine or loose bits of paper. 

This chair uses no glue to keep the pages in place, just friction; interlace the pages of a magazine (like you would when shuffling cards) and static friction makes it almost impossible to pull the pages apart. 


To attach the magazine to the frame, holes are created at the binding edge of the magazine using a standard 4 hole punch, and then secured using cable ties. Simple materials that you can find at home yourself.


That is the beauty of the idea, it is very simple and can be recreated anywhere with any magazine you wish...just don't leave it outside.